TI-3D News and Events : Scientists Find New Genes for Cancer…

TI-3D research scientist Edward Marcotte and collaborator John Wallingford continue to expand their efforts in candidate disease gene discovery and testing.  A new TI-3D – funded InsituPro VSi (INTAVIS, Inc.) robot was utilized in carrying out some of their important in situ hybridization experiments.  A recent University of Texas news article written by the College of Natural Sciences writer Lee Clippard describes some of their amazing work:

“To find the new genes, Marcotte and his graduate students developed a computer algorithm that first sifts through vast sets of existing genomic data for worms, mice, yeast, plants and humans. The algorithm pairs up sets of genes that overlap between these organisms and humans.”  Read more.

By Lee Clippard – College of Natural Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin