TI-3D Research : Chemistry & Molecularly-Targeted Theraputics Development

III. Chemistry and Molecularly-Targeted Therapeutics Development
In Fall 2008, 10 “seed projects” were funded at UT under the chemistry and molecularly-targeted therapeutic development call for proposals.  This call for proposals was issued in collaboration with UT MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Center for Targeted Therapy (CTT), with the goal of promoting collaborative research efforts between basic and translational investigators from CTT and synthetic chemists from both CTT and TI-3D.  Each project includes a CTT biologist and a TI-3D synthetic chemist as co-principal investigators.

Chemistry and Molecularly-Targeted Therapeutics Development Projects:
Development of Novel Small Molecule Anti-Cancer Compounds
Eric Anslyn, Co-Principal Investigator; Zhen Fan, CTT Co-Principal Investigator

Targeting PERK and the Tumor’s Stress Response for Cancer Therapy
Kevin Dalby, Co-Principal Investigator; Taly Spivak-Kroizman, CTT Co-Principal Investigator

Targeting MicroRNAs with Small Molecules: A Novel Approach
Andrew Ellington, Co-Principal Investigator; George Calin & Shuxing Zhang, CTT Co-Principal Investigators

Tissue, Cell, and Small-Molecule Libraries for Diagnosing and Treating Melanoma
Walter Fast, Co-Principal Investigator; Suhenden Ekmekcioglu, CTT Co-Principal Investigator

Targeted Therapy of Malignant Melanoma Using Engineered Human Arginases
George Georgiou, Co-Principal Investigator; Macus Tien Kuo, CTT Co-Principal Investigator

Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE) – Based Specific Inhibitor of Inflammatory Pathways
Sean Kerwin, Co-Principal Investigator; Bharat Aggarwal, CTT Co-Principal Investigator

Development of Cell Surface Glycan-Based Cancer Vaccines
Hung-wen Liu, Co-Principal Investigator; Elizabeth Grimm, CTT Co-Principal Investigator

Design and Development of Agents that Block the Viral Protein Docking Site in Alix
Stephen Martin, Co-Principal Investigator; Jian Kuang, CTT Co-Principal Investigator

Platinum-Texaphyrin Cisplatin Conjugates and Drug Resistance Interactions
Sessler, Jonathan, Co-Principal Investigator; Zahid Siddik, CTT Co-Principal Investigator

Redesign Resveratrol to Overcome Chemoresistance in Human Multiple Myeloma
Dionicio Siegel, Co-Principal Investigator; Bharat Aggarwal, CTT Co-Principal Investigator