TI-3D Research : High Throughput Screening

II. High Throughput Screening
In order to establish and bring into full operation the High Throughput Screening Facility HTSF, the TI-3D chose to support projects with up to $100,000 funding. This call for proposals allowed support for postdoctoral level researchers who would use the facility for research.  Since a major focus of the TI-3D is to facilitate interactions between the university and researchers at medical schools, a key criterion sought for this mode of support was the extent of interactions with medical institutions. A major focus of these proposed projects was to seed and thus facilitate drug or diagnostics development and transition lines of research into NIH support.

High Throughput Screening Projects:
Development of New Protein-Based Therapies for Pre- & Post-Exposure to B. mallei, the Causative Agent of Gladers
Katherine Brown, Principal Investigator

Development of Highly Potent and Selective c-jun-n-terminal Kinase Inhibitors for the
Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer
Kevin Dalby, Principal Investigator

Development of Novel Analgesics
Kevin Dalby, Principal Investigator

Identifying Nucleic Acids and Small Molecules that Promote Nerve Growth
Andrew Ellington, Principal Investigator (in collaboration with Christine Schmidt)

Humanizing Arginine Deiminase  for Cancer Therapy
Walter Fast, Principal Investigator

New Therapeutics of Multiple Sclerosis
Walter Fast, Principal Investigator

Ansamycin Analogues: Hsp90 Inhibitors for Cancer Treatment
Michael Krische, Principal Investigator

Exploration of the Therapeutic Potential of Poly (ADP-Ribose) Polymerase-1 Inhibitors in Neurological Disorders
Hung-wen Liu, Principal Investigator