TI-3D Research : Protein Expression

I. Protein Expression
This call for proposals solicited projects that would be bolstered by the newly established protein expression and purification facility accommodating expression in E. coli, Pichia, insect cells, and mammalian cell lines.  The facility’s fermentation capabilities allow for preps in the 2-10 L scale as well as small to medium scale (less than 1 g protein) purifications, and provide access to downstream processing equipment.

Protein Expression Projects:
Identifying Inhibitors of NS1 Alpha
Eric Anslyn, Principal Investigator

Identification Inhibitors of EEF2 Kinase
Kevin Dalby, Principal Investigator

Inhibitors of the Amidinotransferase Enzyme Superfamily
Walter Fast, Principal Investigator

Therapeutics for Autoimmune Diseases via the Targeting of Compliment Components: Engineered Antibodies
George Georgiou, Principal Investigator

Identification of Novel Fortilin Inhibitors
Stephen Martin, Principal Investigator

Computer Aided Virtual Screening for Drug Discovery
Jon Robertus, Principal Investigator